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Inspection • Cleaning • Restoration

You cannot predict or control water damage. Whether it’s a leaking water tank or a broken pipe, you want to make sure that your home is in good hands. That is why you should call Mr. Do Right Construction for fast and effective water restoration services if your home or commercial property ever gets flooded.

We have everything that the highly specialized process of water restoration calls for and this includes:

  • ​Thorough understanding of and experience in water restoration
  • Specifically trained water restoration technicians
  • Specialty equipment for water extraction and water restoration
flood basement

Prompt Water Restoration Services

When you call us for water restoration services, we respond promptly with the aim to get your residential/commercial property dry quickly and to keep your flood restoration costs to a minimum.

Our skilled water restoration technicians work carefully to identify visible as well as hidden moisture. The restoration services are delivered diligently to ensure the complete recovery of your property from flood damage.

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Thurston, Pierce, Mason & Lewis County

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